On Monday our family experienced a great loss when my grandmother, who we called Big Mama, passed away. She died peacefully with my uncle in the room with her. For those of you who met my grandmother, you were quite unlikely to forget her. She was an amazing woman who absolutely loved people, especially children. She had an unbelievable ability for making children feel special.

Some of my best memories as a child are on the farm. It was a magical place for children, with plenty of places to explore, a ton of scrap wood to build things with and plenty of fast toys like a motor scooter and a go-cart. My cousin Amy and I used to have so much fun playing together at Big Mama's house, taking turns on the go-cart and eating all the candy, soda and ice cream we could handle. If you follow my sister's blog, she has already covered most of this.

One thing that could not be denied about Big Mama was that she LOVED to talk! She would strike up conversations with just about anyone, and when we got together as a family, she always had plenty to say. And she didn't have to be in person to talk, either. She routinely called us about once a week or more, and always loved hearing from her, even if it was for just a few minutes. So, what happened if we happened to not be home? Well, she would just leave a message as if we were having a conversation (she usually did most of the talking anyway). Gina and I got the idea a couple of years ago to record some of her voicemails. Well, Big Mama didn't disappoint and gave us several good ones, which I have posted below.