Today Sam and Nate got to attend a birthday party for their two friends, Jordan and Gayle Kinley. These friends are the children of Jenene and Ken, and Jenene is a first-year faculty member at UIS. Her office is next to mine. Jordan turned 5 this week, and Gayle Kinley is the same age as the boys. The theme of the party was Superhero Training Camp, and the boys had to undergo some harsh and rigorous training in order to earn their superhero capes (which they wouldn't wear).

Some of the training requirements included an obstacle course, in which the children had to rescue stuffed animals from a burning building (cardboard box decorated as a burning building) and put them safely in the shelter, finding hidden ballooons, and my favorite, "pin the Spiderman sticker on the villain." We also got to refuel on delicious hotdogs and chili. The boys especially liked eating superhero birthday cake.

I know it's risky to put top secret information on the Web, but here are some pictures taken from this stealth training.