Sam and Nate have really enjoyed some of the activities that come with winter and Christmas. Over the weekend we went to the mall to walk around and let the boys catch all the sights and sounds of Christmas. They rode the little train all by themselves with no drama.

In what turned out to be  a total role reversal, Nate rode the carousel all by himself (actually, I was standing right next to him). Sam had a minor meltdown brought on by having to WAIT for the ride to start. He and Gina walked around the mall and rode the escalator while Nate and I went round and round.

We then sat down for a nice lunch in the food court. Again, Nate ate a little of everything but Sam was partial to the chicken fingers. In Sam's defense, he has not felt very well the last couple of days, so his tolerance for anything new or out of the ordinary is pretty low. Even so, it was strange to see our "calm" child freaking out about everything and our "dramatic" child taking everything in stride. I guess this is what we get for putting labels on our children (which we really don't do, by the way).

Earlier in the week, Gina took the boys out for a quick romp in the snow. This was not a huge snow, and the majority of it was gone by noon, but it was still fun to bundle the boys up and watch them explore their icy surroundings. This is just a small taste of what they will see in Wyoming in a few days. Hopefully there is some snow for them to play in, either in town or on the mountain.