Sam and Nate finally got to show off their fancy costumes to all of the other trick-or-treaters when we went to have dinner on Saturday night with some friends. The temperature really dropped once the sun went down, so we didn't stay out long. This means we didn't haul in that much candy (which is good because the boys don't eat candy, and I have been known to eat it until I get sick). We did visit a dozen or so houses, and honestly, the boys had more fun running up and down the sidewalk than they did asking for candy. After we went to some houses, we sat down to a delicious chili dinner that Jenene and Ken had made, and the boys ran around the house with Jordan (4) and Gayle Kinley (22 months). They really loved it when the doorbell would ring, and it only took a couple of times before they learned to run to the door every time someone came by. This evening was an unusually special treat because the boys also got to stay up past 9:00, something that rarely happens in the Alexander house. They fell asleep in the car and barely woke up when we put their PJs on for the night.

We had a lot of fun for our first Halloween in Illinois, and this really got us ready for the upcoming holidays when we get to see more friends and family in Texas and Wyoming. Here are a few more pictures from our outing.