This weekend we were visited by our good friend Flo, who was in the same PhD program with Gina at UVA. She is now living in Omaha, NE, so she made the 6 hour drive to see us for a couple of days. She has been with us every step of the way since the boys were born, and she was a lifesaver in the early months when she would bring us dinner once or twice a week. Now it was our turn to show her some of Springfield's unique culinary offerings (i.e., The Horseshoe).

Flo is in a post-doc position at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, so she and I were able to compare stories about being in a new place at an unfamiliar university. Our respective schools are quite different, but there are some similarities in our experiences. Gina drove her to see my campus on Saturday afternoon, and she was quite impressed with everything.

Gina and Flo went out on Saturday to have lunch and look around town while I stayed home with the boys. We spent most of the day outside. The boys played with their toys while I raked leaves. Before I bagged the leaves, Sam and Nate played in them for awhile. When Gina and Flo got home they dragged their mom into the leaves too. After a delicious Horseshoe dinner, we put the boys to bed and then celebrated Flo's birthday (a little on the early side--the actual day is Tuesday). We wrapped up the evening by watching The Office and Modern Family on Hulu through our TV. We went to church this morning and had lunch at IHOP, then Flo had to head back to Omaha. Her friend is watching Henry, Flo's dog, and she wanted to get back at a decent hour.

We had a great weekend with our friend, and we look forward to more visitors. I wanted to throw this last photo in for laughs. Sam is modeling his PJs that don't really fit, which obviously has no affect on his mood.

Who's the creep in the background filming his kid raking leaves?

Please, Auntie Flo, don't go back to Nebraska!

Project Runway