This past weekend Granny and Granddad came to Springfield to visit us. We had a really good time, showing them around our new town and doing some fun things together. On Sunday, we started off with a driving tour of downtown Springfield so Granny and Granddad could see the Illinois State Capitol, the Old Capitol building, the Lincoln home, and the Governor's mansion. We then went to the Dublin Pub for lunch, and everyone tried the famous Horseshoe. If you don't know what a horseshoe is, it's a Springfield specialty where they stack Texas toast, meat (usually hamburger) and fries, all of which is covered with white cheese sauce. I have now had three Horseshoes, and I have yet to be disappointed.

After lunch, we went to Washington Park to hear the Carillon concert and walk around the rose gardens. The weather was beautiful, and this was a great way to work off the massive amount of calories we had just consumed. We also got to go inside the botanical garden and see many different, unique plants.

Later that day, while the boys played with Granny and Gina, Don and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Broncos play the Cowboys. The game looked like it might go to the Cowboys early on, but the Broncos stayed tough and walked away with a victory. Despite the outcome, we had a nice time and were able to have good conversation while we watched the game. I've already told Gina I might make Buffalo Wild Wings a regular Sunday stop ... just kidding.

On Monday, Granny and Granddad went to see the Lincoln Museum and Library, while Gina stayed home with the boys. I got to go to work ... yay. Everyone came to my office later that day and we walked around campus for a little while before picking up pizza from Monical's. After a huge meal and a movie, we all went to bed and slept through a very loud thunderstorm.

Granny and Granddad left this morning to head back to Texas, and we got back to business as usual. We had a great time with our first visitors, and we can't wait for them to come back again. Here are some pictures of our adventures.