We had a great time playing, working and relaxing today in the cool fall weather. We started off the day by going to the Old Capitol Farmer's Market in downtown Springfield. We bought some organic lettuce and turnip greens. After a yummy lunch and a nap, we went for a walk on our street, then we played outside while Gina made dinner. I decided to clean up some weeds that had been sitting in the grass for a few days, and Sam and Nate wanted to help. We then had a delicious dinner, took a bath and did the night-night routine. The boys are now sound asleep, and Gina and I can't quit talking about how blessed we are. One thing that is becoming clear to me is that this is autumn in so many ways. Gina and I spent some time today going through toys the boys don't really play with anymore, and we came across their sandals from this summer. They were sitting out when the boys woke up, and they wanted to put them them on ... over their socks (in honor of Uncle Joe ... just kidding bro!). I remarked to Gina that they would probably never wear their little orange and blue UVA sandals again, which reminded me that when we bought them they were so big they barely clung to the boys' feet. I think we will probably keep the sandals just to look at from time to time, but it won't be long before this fall, and this time in the boys' lives, is just a memory. I'm thankful to God for blogs and digital cameras and sandals and every other thing that serve as a reminder that every instance of "today" and "now" are what we use to write the stories that will last us a lifetime.