We recently bought Sam and Nate some bike helmets for riding in their Schwinn trailer. Neither of them are fond of the helmets, although Sam tolerates it a little better than Nate (for obvious reasons). Well yesterday, Sam brought his helmet to me and wanted to wear it. I put it on and clipped the straps, and he proceeded to wear it for about 45 minutes. I was in the middle of loading the car with clothes for a consignment sale, otherwise I would have gotten more pictures. It's funny how certain activities (playing with a barn set, stacking blocks, watching a video, etc.) look cuter when the baby is wearing a bike helmet. I think the same applies to babies and cowboy boots, but we don't have any of those yet. Hopefully, Sam will wear it more often and not resist so much, and more than that, I hope Nate notices and starts wanting to wear his.