Thanks to Google and their new Voice service, you can now leave a voice message for Gina, Sam, Nate and I. If you look to the right of the screen, you will see a bubble with the words, "Call Me." Here is what you do to leave a voice message, and it's free!

  1. Click the Call Me bubble.
  2. A box will pop up
  3. Enter your name
  4. Enter the phone number of a phone close to you (e.g., your cell phone or home phone). Google will call you immediately, then forward you to our message box. Your number will not be published anywhere, but you still may choose to click the Keep Number Private box. If you do, Google will not tell me which number you used to call us.
  5. Leave us a message
  6. Hang up your phone when your message is complete
  7. Click the End Call button on the blog
  8. It's as easy as that. I will get an e-mail telling me we have a new message, and we can listen to it from our computer.

Take a minute to leave us a short message. We would love to hear your voice!