This past Saturday, we had the opportunity to go to a small farm about 45 minutes south of Springfield. The event was sponsored by Fun Shop, and the boys got to experience all kinds of new things. There was an assortment of animals, from a donkey and mule, to sheep (Sam calls them bah-bah), goats, a turkey, pigs, cows and a miniature horse just like Uncle John and Aunt Nancy Jane have. There was also a mini corn maze, and hay loft for the boys to jump around in. They had set up a hay bale tunnel, but the boys were not too enthusiastic about that. We also got to take a short hay ride, which was pretty fun. Gina made sure Sam and Nate looked the part by putting them in their overalls. The only thing missing was cowboy boots, but I think sneakers turned out to be more comfortable. Next Saturday we get to go ride a train, and I will report on how that goes. Here a few pictures of the experience: