The latest report from Gina and the boys are having a really good time in Texas. I'm living the bachelor life here in Illinois as I plan for my classes and take care of other home-related business. Both boys battled a little fever during the first part of the trip, and they weren't sleeping very well. But that all seems to be better now. I have been creating short video messages for the boys, which I'm sure are pretty corny to the outside observer. It was kind of fun making them, though, once I got over the whole "I hate the way my voice sounds" vanity. Even though I am here by myself, that doesn't mean there hasn't been some excitement. We had a severe thunderstorm warning yesterday, and the wind broke off a HUGE branch from our neighbor's tree. It completely covered the sidewalk and half the street. We also got a new water line, which means we now have good water pressure. It's pretty pathetic what I find exciting when I don't have my twin munchkins here to keep me laughing.

Sydney has definitely loved the Daddy time the last few days. We have taken a walk to the park everyday, and let me tell you, this is a happening park. There are people walking, jogging and exercising their dogs everywhere. As usual, she thinks they are all there to see her. She also gets a lot of attention, so I guess my theory about Sam and Nate getting a lot of comments applies to Sydney as well. It's that irresistible Alexander vibe.

Well, I need to get back to work. No rest for the weary. Check back again for more updates.