Yesterday marked a major milestone in our move to Springfield. Movers from Lewis Moving Company in Richmond came to our house to load all of our heavy furniture onto the PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) we have rented. I know most of you have never been in our house, so trust me when I say that our stairs are VERY steep and narrow. There is no way Gina and I could have moved our furniture down those stairs without breaking something, including ourselves.

If you aren't familiar with PODS, they are large containers that get dropped off at your house, you load them yourself (or hire movers), then their truck will come pick it up and deliver it wherever you want. This is a nice option for people who want to take their time loading their stuff, or for folks like us who need some time between when the house is cleared out and when we actually move. Anyway, this is not a PODS commercial. We are just very impressed with how this service works. The only furniture left in our house is our bed and two cribs. We still have several boxes that I will transport in a large truck in a couple of weeks, but for the most part the house is empty.

Sam and Nate handled the moving day like champs. They stayed in their room playing most of the time, and they even managed to squeeze in a nap in the midst of all the chaos. Their favorite part of the day was when they finally got to come downstairs and play in the empty rooms. The house now has this beautiful echo that is perfect for yelling, squealing, clapping hands and stomping feet.

The rest of this week and the next will be spent cleaning, packing more boxes and getting the house ready for our renters. We are by no means done with our move, but yesterday saw a major piece get checked off the list.

In case you are wondering about this post's title ...