On May 16 and 17, Gina and I walked through the Final Exercises at the University of Virginia. In all, we attended 5 different graduation ceremonies (my hooding, my graduation, Gina's hooding, her graduation, and Walking the Lawn) and 3 parties! Gina's parents got in Thursday evening and my parents came in Friday afternoon. My sister and her family came in on Saturday, and we had a lot of friends share the special day(s) with us as well. The weekend was hectic, exciting, relieving and a little sad. Personally, I have loved living in Charlottesville and attending the university. I can't say it was always fun or immediately rewarding, but we stuck to our program and finished what we came to accomplish. I'm sure someday all of this will sink in and I will think to myself, "How did we do that?" For now, we are happy to be done and have loved looking through all the pictures and reflecting on the moment. I have included some images from graduation weekend, but there are many, many more you can see here:


Nathaniel does NOT want the party to end!