I can hardly believe I am writing this note. It was a year ago that we first got to meet the boys for the first time and began our adventure of adjusting to life with babies in the picture (actually, over 50GB of pictures and video!). We've had our highs (all the Firsts) and our lows (sleepless nights), but through it all we have come to love Sam and Nate more each day and can't imagine life before they came.

Last Sunday we were able to celebrate their birthdays with family and friends by hosting a Super Bowl Birthday Bash.

The event was complete with snacks, sodas and two special birthday cakes made to represent the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Sam and Nate got to play with some of their best friends, and they ate cake with icing for the first time. Nate loved his cake, but Sam was a little skeptical and actually liked the Chex Mix better.

Overall, the party was a huge hit, but I can tell you with all honesty I am not looking ahead to the next birthday. We want to soak the next year in as much as we did this one.