Sam and Nate got to make their first trip to Wyoming in November. They were hoping to experience some good ol' cold weather, but it was actually warmer there than in Virginia. The wind did blow pretty hard one day while we were out walking by the river, giving both boys rosy cheeks for the rest of the trip. The boys especially enjoyed getting to spend so much time with GiGi and PaPa. There was a small set of stairs between the living room and kitchen, and both Sam and Nate spent a lot of their time figuring out how to climb up and down. Sam got pretty good at going both ways, but Nate was a little hesitant to go down. Overall, we really enjoyed getting to see GiGi and PaPa, as well as some old friends. We are looking forward to the next visit, which will hopefully be in the summer.

All dressed up for their first visit to Boyd Avenue Baptist Church.

Walking with Mom, Dad and GiGi while PaPa went jogging along the Platte River.

Sam and Nate posing with GiGi and PaPa before the Christmas party on Sunday.

Sam and Nate checking out the back patio, and leaving plenty of finger prints on the window.

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