Sam and Nate have waited patiently, they've watched the calendar, and the big day has finally arrived. While everyone around them was buzzing with anticipation over the election of a new president, they quietly turned 9 months old. So what has happened in the last 276 days? Let's hear from Sam and Nate:

"Well, we now prefer feeding ourselves to being fed. If we see something we want, we just go over and get it. We sleep through the night. We are more entertained by each other than by anyone else (except Dad). We can hold our own bottles (when we feel like it). Collectively, we weigh almost 50 pounds. We barely fit in 12 month clothes. We wear big boy shoes. We have teeth. We talk to each other using a language only we can interpret."

Thanks guys, that's a pretty impressive list. Gina and I are continually thankful that God put Sam and Nate in our family. They are more of a joy to us each day, and we can't wait to see what they can do in the coming months and years.