Well, a lot has happened in the last month. First, Nate and Sam got a visit from Granny and Granddad over Memorial Day weekend, and it was their first time to meet Granddad. They got to visit Richmond for the first time, and they went strawberry picking. They almost got to go swimming for the first time, but the weather didn't exactly cooperate, and it was getting late.

Besides getting to do some new things, they are also learning some new tricks. They both can almost roll over from their backs to their stomachs, though Nate seems to be a little more determined than Sam. I guess he has the eye of the tiger. They also learned how to bounce in the Johnny Jump-up. They don't really bounce yet, but they do sway back and forth and giggle a lot. This was the first month they could try rice cereal, which was not a hit with either of the boys. I think they are holding out for ice cream. Then there is the stroller. They don't have to stay in their car seats in the stroller anymore. They get to ride facing forward like big boys. As you can tell, the excitement was more than Nate could stand.


The fourth month was a wonderful time of learning new things and exploring God's wonderful world. They can hardly wait to see what their fifth month will hold, though their dad has mentioned something about roller coasters. Shhh, don't tell Mom.