Last Thursday, the boys had their four month check up. We know they're getting big, but we didn't realize just how big they are! Both Samuel and Nathaniel are in the 85th percentile for weight, at 17 lb 4 oz and 17 lb 3 oz, respectively. (Yes, Sam has now surpassed his brother, after having been one pound less than him at birth!) Nathaniel is in the 90th percentile for height, at 26 1/4 inches. Sam is in the 85th percentile, at 26 1/8 inches. We thank the Lord for our strong, healthy boys.
They are still sleeping through the night and wake up refreshed and happy. We'll see how they do on their first real trip--we're going to Williamsburg on Wednesday, where we'll meet PaPa and GiGi and go to Busch Gardens. On Friday, we're going to Alexandria, where we'll all do a big family portrait with Joe, Katie, and Ella. Then on Saturday, we'll celebrate Ella's first birthday! We praise God for Ella's health and her adorable personality.