Sam and Nate got to attend church at Christ Community today for the first time. Mom and Dad got up at 7:30 so they could bathe and dress us. We think they also planned on exchanging cards for Easter, but they didn't get to that. We got to wear our special Easter outfits GiGi and Paw Paw got for us, including some little blue shoes. This was the first time we ever wore shoes, and we didn't even cry when Dad put them on for us. The people at church were really nice and made quite a fuss over us. We slept through all of the music, then decided we needed some food when the preacher got up to talk. Nate let out a very loud burp, and then started to grunt and cry during the closing prayer. Mom and Dad are very happy to be able to celebrate Easter with us because it represents new life and eternal hope, things very important to them. We're just glad Jesus put us in this family, and we can't wait until next Easter when we get to help Dad eat all the candy.