Two cribs? Check. A bassinet for two? Check. Lots of blue clothes? Check. Toys and other thing to chew on? Check. Bouncy chairs, swings and other places to put babies when the doorbell rings? Check. Comprehensive plan about how to raise twin boys? Che ...

It wasn't that long ago that people were starting to predict when the boys would make their grand entrance. Some said they might be here before 2008. Others thought they might come around the New Year. I personally thought they would come this week. Well, it is almost the middle of January, and all signs point to them staying put for awhile. That is good news for them, but not so great for Gina, who, as you can tell, is getting bigger by the day. This is a good thing, except she is finding it increasingly more difficult to sleep, get up from chairs and couches and walk around. Other than that, she's perfectly mobile.

My uncle, who has relied on the Farmer's Almanac for years, predicts they will come on January 22, the next full moon. Whether this is scientifically grounded or not is hard to say, but at this point I am apt to believe about anything. The twins already defied my logic twice when we found out they were boys and then decided to stay in the womb this long. So, sure why not come around the next full moon. Coincidentally, this is also the date of my first class meeting of the Spring semester. I don't like to miss class, but I think under the circumstances my students will understand. I may even bring them all cigars for the second meeting.

That's all I wanted to share for the moment. The next time I write, I'm sure there will be more news to share. Gina and I hope you are well and enjoying a great start to 2008. God bless!