Gina and I had the privilege of being in Naca ... er ... Naga ... OK, this is a wonderful "teachable moment" for me to discuss the wonderful world of words. I have been saying the word "NAK-a-doe-chess" for approximately 20 years, yet I do not know how to spell it. This comes after passing no less than 20 street signs or billboards over the weekend with that word displayed. Thanks to Wikipedia, I can spell Nacogdoches for the purposes of this blog. But, this brings to mind other difficult words that fall into the "I can pronounce 'em but can't spell 'em" category, which include: Natchitoches (NAK-a-tish), LA; Cincinnati, OH; Tucson (TOO-sahn), AZ; and Juneau (JOO-noh), AK. Then there is another category of words: "They look easy to say, but they're not." This list includes: Toelle (too-ILL-ah), UT; Mantua (MAN-oo-way), UT; Opal (oh-PAL), WY; and my personal favorite, Kemmerer (KIM-er), WY. You may have noticed that most of these towns are from states in which I lived (except AK and AZ), and I'm sure you know of other towns that fall into either of these categories. So, tell me about some funny names of towns you know about.

Well, back to my story ... Gina and I were in Nacogdoches, TX over the weekend for my cousin Thomas' wedding. He recently earned the right to put "college graduate" on his resume, and now he can also check the "married" box on his tax documents. He and Jessica were married on Saturday evening under a clear Texas sky with many family and friends in attendance. Not only did I get to attend the wedding, but I also got to wear a tuxedo. Of course, I couldn't find a seat, so I had to stand up front with Thomas. I was so inspired by the beautiful moment that I pulled out my guitar and sang a quick song for everyone. I did find it strange that the first song to come to mind was about marriage. No one seemed to mind. It was a great time, and I was honored to stand up there with Thomas. I have seen him grow and mature into a devoted man of God, and he has found a wonderful wife in Jessica. I look forward to seeing their marriage develop and deepen over the years.

The trip home was a bit challenging. After having our flight delayed for two hours, we got to Baltimore at midnight. This may not sound so bad until you consider the 3-hour drive we had back to Charlottesville. As you can imagine, we are still catching up on our sleep. The highlight of our trip back to Virginia was that we got to drive from Nacogdoches to Dallas with Katie, my sister, and her husband Joe. We then got to spend an extra two hours with them at the airport, which Joe and I spent telling each other our post-college stories. We could have easily been caught up in the fact that our flight was delayed, but we took advantage of the time to relax and get to know each other better.

So, now we are (almost) caught up on sleep and school work. The weekend will be full of soccer and football games, some Thai food and a little rest'n'relaxation. We hope you all are well, and send us a note when you get a chance.