Well, it's March already. We're at the start of Spring Break, trying to get caught up on projects, assignments, and papers. Yes, we are going to take a break from studies...we already did last weekend and will once more toward the end of this week.

As you know, Curby didn't get a birthday this year, but we celebrated nonetheless! Actually, the celebration lasted all week, basically. He was serenaded in person by my classmates and his classmates on the 28th, then we had cake and candles on the 1st with our Bible study, and then we had yet another cake on the 5th with friends who'd gathered for an Oscars party.

Curby's prized gift this year was a joint effort of Gina, her parents, and Curby's parents. Yes, he entered the world of the PDA-owners. And he's loving it. As you can see, he loves playing around with all of the functions and is very impressed with its capabilities. We figured it was about time for him to have a palm pilot.

On Wednesday, we'll be heading for Williamsburg again. This time, we plan to rest and relax in the condo and then go to Jamestown. In 2007, we'll be celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown settlement, and they're already starting to prepare for the festivities.

We love you and look forward to hearing from you!