The University of Virginia, being the fine academic institution that it is, would never stoop so low as to give its students a Fall Break. No academy worth its salt would openly endorse a "break" in the learning. However, the officials here recognize that a little rest can provide just the boost that students need to gear up for midterm exams and the many projects that are due before Thanksgiving. So, Gina and I got to experience our very first Reading Weekend. Yes, there is a whole weekend devoted to reading. You are probably wondering what we read this weekend. Well, Gina was very faithful to her studies and read several journal articles for her research. I read almost 40 essays written by my pre-service teachers on their experiences with using technology. Mr Jefferson (as he is called in C'ville) would be very proud indeed that we didn't squander his Reading Weekend on frivolous activities.

In other news, we had a chance to do some non-reading activities this weekend as well. On Friday we got to indulge ourselves on several episodes of Quantum Leap thanks to my sister who let us borrow the first and second seasons on DVD. Saturday was full of yard work, house work and school work. In addition to reading, I got to edit two podcasts for NTLC (National Technology Leadership Coalition) Radio. I don't know if they will actually get broadcast, but it's part of my grade. Saturday night I got to watch the Virginia Cavaliers mens' soccer team play the #2 North Carolina Tarheels. UVA cruised to a 2-0 win with two second half goals. Gina opted out of watching soccer and went grocery shopping instead.

Sunday was pretty relaxed as we did more reading, ran some errands and got to attend the Carter Mountain Orchard festival. Carter Mountain is quickly becoming our favorite place in C'ville as it provides good exercise, the chance to pick a variety of apples right from the tree, and a beautiful view of Charlottesville.

Well, I think that is all for now. We hope everyone is doing well. Feel free to look at our Virginia photos on Flickr. More photos to come ...