Gina at the UVA vs. FSU football game

Well, I have been to some pretty cool football games. There was that time Utah State beat Fresno State with a last second field goal... talk about a barn burner! Well, Gina and I got to see a great football game this weekend when UVA played Florida State in Charlottesville. Considering the Cavaliers lost their last two games to decent teams, I was pretty sure the #4 team in the country would run roughshod over the blue and orange. However, I think everyone was shocked when Virginia not only scored first, but continued to score and shut down FSU. It was a great game, and definitely the biggest upset I have ever been to. You can read more about the game here.

Also, the #4 Cavalier Men's Soccer team hosted the Duke Blue Devils, #10 in the country, on Sunday. I didn't get to attend the game because I had too many other things that actually had to get done. That's the thing with being a doctoral student. The professors actually expect you to do your work. So, I had to read about this game, but I fully intend on being at the next one. I may even sing the "Olè" song.

Other than the football game, Gina and I didn't do anything really out of the ordinary. Actually, we did go back to the orchard to pick some Granny Smith apples. We even took Sydney, and I am proud to say she behaved herself ... for the most part. She must not have gotten the memo that most people don't like to be jumped on and mauled. But if you know Sydney, you know it's all done with a sincere heart that just wants to show love.

Take care this week, and keep checking back for more updates on the Alexanders. Bye for now.